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Service coverage across multiple states

From major highways to local bridges, neoRide has you covered. You can check the neoRide app to see if a specific toll road is covered before you travel. 

How neoRide works

The neoRide membership allows you to enjoy the open road without ever having to worry about toll payments!

1. Register your vehicle

Register with neoRide app and add your vehicle

2. Drive through tolls

Drive through toll roads and enjoy the open road. You do not need to carry your phone with you. The license plate is used for toll verification. 

3. Pay automatically

Never worry about toll payments and let us handle it for you

#1 Toll App with the Broadest Coverage

Pay and track your tolls – No Toll Tag Required!

Use your license plate to pay tolls, parking, and more

neoRide covers 95% of toll facilities in the US

All US license plates are accepted, including rental cars


Sign up with SMS (app not required) 

neoRide works with these tolling authorities

neoRide works with these tolling authorities

Download and Drive Smarter Today!


Save time by using your license plate to pay tolls

Receive and pay your toll charges from your phone
Compatible with all U.S. state license plates.
Save time by using automated toll payment and steer clear of fines
Drive through tolls without worrying about fines.
Service coverage across multiple states
Accepted at over 200 toll plazas across the US.

Download neoRide today!

Avoid delays and wait times at toll booths.

Can't find your answer?


  • Discover the magic of neoRide! Simplifying toll payments with a touch of brilliance. No more cash or tags, just your license plate. Experience hassle-free travel on covered toll roads. Join us today and redefine your journey! 

    1. Download the app and register your vehicle

    2. Add a method of payment and we ask for a stored mobility credit

    3. Drive through tolls without stopping

    4. Your toll will be automatically charged in your neoRide app

    5. When your stored credit runs low, your method of payment will be replenished to bring your stored credit to a sufficient level to ensure we can settle your tolls or parking with the appropriate authorities.

    6. This ensures that you never need worry about payments and instead can focus on enjoying the open road.

  • No, neoRide is a payment service that allows you to settle tolls without the need for a toll tag.

  • Yes, rental vehicles are supported in all states where we have coverage, excluding Texas. When adding your vehicle to your account, just select 'rental vehicle,' provide a rental end date and time, and you're ready to hit the road!

  • Most transactions are usually settled within 7 days, though some can take up to 2-3 weeks. This delay occurs because toll authorities manually verify each license plate to ensure accuracy. While some toll roads may require more time for processing, you can be confident that each toll is thoroughly checked to prevent errors. Once the verification is complete, you will see the transaction updated in your neoRide app.

  • Yes, neoRide is compatible with vehicles of any type.

  • Discover the extensive coverage of neoRide! From major highways to local bridges, neoRide has you covered. You can find detailed converage on our coverage page. With our convenient app, you can check if a specific toll road is covered before you travel. Say goodbye to worries and fines, and enjoy hassle-free travel with neoRide!

  • If you're currently utilizing another fleet service, please ensure to remove your license plate from that account before registering your vehicle with neoRide.

  • Invoices for outstanding balances related to tolls incurred before initiating your neoRide account may still be received directly from the toll agency.

  • When passing through toll points beyond neoRide's coverage area, adhere to the posted payment guidelines to avoid potential violations imposed by the toll agency. While toll agencies across the U.S. vary in management, we continually strive to expand the neoRide network and include more agencies every day.

  • Any transactions predating the registration of your license plate with neoRide should be resolved directly with the toll agency. Once registered with neoRide, all subsequent tolls will be handled through our service.

  • If you sell your current vehicle without transferring the license plate to your new vehicle, simply log in to your account, delete the old vehicle from your account and add the details of your new vehicle. You may add as many vehicles to your account as your membership allows.

  • Yes, you're welcome to include as many vehicles in your account as your membership permits. If needed, memberships can be upgraded at any time to accommodate additional vehicles.

  • neoRide enables you to register your vehicle, even if it has a temporary license plate. When registering, simply input the information exactly as it appears on the temporary plate.

  • For assistance, feel free to utilize the 'Help' feature within our app or use the Contact Us page on

Benefits to Customers

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