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Our mission

We are dedicated to revolutionizing how drivers experience their journeys, making each ride an emblem of innovation, efficiency, and seamless connectivity.


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Avoid delays and wait times at toll booths.

Tolling & payment integration

Pay tolls electronically, without the need for cash or manual processing. Using RFID technology to automatically deduct tolls from drivers’ accounts, improving traffic flow and reducing congestion at toll plazas. 


We believe in fostering connections, reducing travel stress, and contributing to a more connected society.

  • Geofencing: Allows for specific road user charging rules (time or distance based) in defined areas; from densely populated downtowns to suburbs. Configurable to set fare zone rules across geozones.

  • In car connectivity: Bluetooth and infotainment center connectivity offer touchless trip tracking and trip reporting.

  • RUC control center: Allows for admins to monitor and change rules per the desired policy implementation and objective of the local road authority.

  • NeoCamera: Our cameras provide 99.5% or greater accuracy in automatic license plate recognition, which acts as a secondary method of verification, coupled with our enforcement back-office engine.

  • Fare Calculation Engine: Uses real-time parameters to improve equity and sustainability through dynamic pricing and discounted tiers for low-income groups.

  • Family Accounts: Motorists can add multiple vehicles to their accounts allowing for a single account per family.

  • Post-Trip declaration: If a motorist has an issue with tracking their trip, they can record their journey after the trip to avoid penalty charges.

  • Transactions: Near real-time updates with trip route and detailed map for transparency.

  • Funding / Balance Allocation:  Admins can manually allocate funds and update participant balance within the RUC control center.

  • Group creation and management: Participants can be designated into a group based on vehicle type along with additional attributes that can be configured to meet the needs of local road authority.

  • Fare framework: Ability to learn from usage behavior without adding fare rules to encourage greater participation.

  • Payment Authentication Service: Ability to integrate with payment gateway allowing user-initiated account payments.

  • Notifications: Ability to send push notifications to Mobile App for user awareness and action.

  • Customer Support: Share feedback and get resolution to any issues you may have, timely response to all inquiries from within the Mobile App.

Benefits to Customers


Queue-less parking systems can benefit parking lot and garage operators by increasing efficiency and reducing the need for staff to manually manage parking. Overall, queue-less parking is a more convenient and streamlined approach to parking that benefits both drivers and operators.

Road User Charging

Road User Charging is an integral part of our mobility as a service platform. It provides motorists greater flexibility when traveling on today’s roads with the focus of helping reduce congestion and emissions.

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