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Commodore Barry Bridge

The Commodore Barry Bridge spans the Delaware River, connecting Chester, Pennsylvania, to Bridgeport, New Jersey. It serves as a key route for regional traffic between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

- Location: Connects Chester, PA, to Bridgeport, NJ.

- Tolling:
- Commodore Barry Bridge toll is covered with neoRide membership & toll credits.
- Tolls are collected electronically using E-ZPass or via cash at toll plazas.

- Occupancy Requirements:
- No specific carpool benefits; tolls are charged to all vehicles.

- Access:
- Well-marked access points ensure smooth transitions onto and off the bridge.

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Customer Reviews

Neoride is awesome, it helps me pay my tolls and the customer service is superb

Sarah D

Really easy to setup and utilize and be able pay tolls when I want to use them, nice to not have to worry about.

Julianne M

Best tolling app. I like the inter operability in different parts of the country.


Easy to use

Great app for toll payments! Registration was quick and app is easy to use. Love how it takes care of my toll payments automatically!

Sophia C

This was quick and easy

I was able to set this up really quickly. I am excited to start using it so that I can track my business commute expenses.


Quick and convenient

Drive in California & Texas. All tolls covered super convenient.


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